Why an Obsession with Safety creates Sick Minds and a Sick Society

Video by:  Academy of Ideas… Shared by TheQAnons.com

The World has become a Nest of Sociopaths… Who FEAR Everything…

Do YOU Believe Dr. Fauci is a Fraud and Should be Indited on Criminal charges?

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They Terrorized US to Wear MASKS!

Now “THEY” Threaten your LIVELIHOOD if YOU don’t TAKE the VAX that may KILL YOU!

Do YOU believe JOE BIDEN is "UNFIT" to be President of The United States?

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                          Stand UP! America Take YOUR Head out of your ASS and WAKE UP!



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  1. Using fear tools via propaganda programming -studies on psychological warfare mentality on the unaware. Heard of angels unawares? There’s devils too! 

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