About Us

 www.theqanons.com which provides the online Entertainment.

Who are We:   “Patriots”

We Are NOT TERRORIST or a Religious CULT like Organization!


As MEMBERS of  TheQAnons.com Website

We are Republicans, Awakened Democrats, Independents and some Lost Soles.

We Are Red, White, Black, Brown, Yellow and Maybe 1 Orange Guy and WE are BLUE!

BLUE! Over the Chaos That has been brought on this Country and the WORLD. We are NOT! TERRORIST! And We are NOT Slaves to be misled by Government Multi-Mass media suppression


The Pivot:

It’s up Too…US “Patriots” now.

With the Loss of OUR BELOVED… President Donald J. Trump. 

The Battle for Control of The House and Senate is very Possible 2022. We Have to Get STARTED Now!

The Vision is to enter the World of Supporting Congressional and Senatorial Candidates that.. “WE THE PEOPLE” believe IN and Who SUPPORT… The American Way, Truth, and Equal Justice and letting that support be KNOWN That as The QAnon’s, Deplorable s, Dispicable’s, Chump’s or whatever,

That “Patriots” will support THEM. With our VOTES! 

 America FIRST!, MAGA2.0, WWG1WGA,…

Quiet Americans Noting Our Nation’s Scandals…  NOT ANYMORE!

Your Political Participation is NOT required in any way! to be a member of this website.. is for your Entertainment Purposes and Enjoyment… Have FUN.. It’s like No Other

MISSION STATEMENT: Our Mission… Should you decide to accept it… [Play on words]

Is to Support MAGA 2.0 setup a National Organization in State and Local Communities to Vet all “FUTURE” Candidates that are Running for PUBLIC offices. Fielding reports on those Candidates prior to voting in those Elections and exposing their TRUE intentions for office.  You should consider running for Office in your local Community or Support a candidates America First, MAGA2.0 ,WWG1WGA! culture.

 Quiet, Americans, Noting, Our, Nation’s, Scandals…

They are WATCHING US!… Watch Them. Sometimes you must walk through the darkness before you see the light. Q..

“Having Seen the LIGHT” …. WE GOT WORK TO DO NOW! FOR 2022 ELECTIONS to RE-TAKE the HOUSE and SENATE BACK! They will need BIG DONATIONS to fight the PROPAGANDA AHEAD… Please Help and Support them through YOUR Normal Political Charity.

***Please Do not Make POLITICAL donations to this WEBSITE***

XX.. If you would like to help THIS website Grow without Ads and more functions you may Donate using the PayPal donation links on the sidebars… XX

Start a GROUP HERE for YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY and Start Connecting Your Community  Candidates. Campaign create a Forum for discussions. As the Admin of this Site I will hope all Feel as I do About what IS Happening to OUR Country. We will use this Site and a Few of my others… CaRedWave.com, CaRedTsunami.com, TheConservativeFace.com  for the Promotion of… Voting in MORE AMERICA FIRST Candidates MAGA2.0….. WWG1WGA!

“The Peoples Patriot Party” is just a phase “I” use. Not to create a new Party but to create a Network of Support a FORCE Of UNITY!

                  Helping YOU make A Change in YOUR Local Area. #MAGA2.0

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