Video Message from President Donald J. Trump 1/13/21

Video by:  Right Side Broadcasting Network     Shared by…TheQAnons

OPINION:   The Whole Damn Country was SET UP! and FRAMED!… Leave yours in the Comment Section below and on the Activity page of TheQAnons website

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Video Message from President Donald J. Trump 1/13/21


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  1. Why haven’t they arrested these crooks. I refuse to call Biden president. It’s embarrassing

  2. Now ask yourself or your Alexa device Why did [C]lowns[I]n][A]ction invested $8 billion in it

  3. You should really do some research on “ACTIVIST INVESTORS” and how over the last 20 years. They have reduced the media down to 6 and control them. They created the FAANG’s If you don’t know what that is.. Facebook, Alphabet, Amazon, NetFlix, Google….. The Board of Directors for Netflix is Susan Rice who now funds the OBAMA’S Now WHO are WE THE PEOPLE of WORLD have a problem with? Walmart Pres of Foreign Affairs is non-other the ASST. AG under Rod Rosenstein PLUS Big Pharma Pushing Vaccines, in a minute to cure a Pandemic. To suppress the RESISTANCE of THE RIGHT as They INSTALL the Socialist Democrats Narrative of the LEFT…. WOW just think If they had one for common cold or seasonal Flu…… ALL YOUR OTC meds would disappear All drug Stores would close. Your profile of comments match one that of a person with the access to Aircraft would sabotage it for personal Interest.

    as to your other Take Boeing for instance yes they pay low Taxes, at the Same Time they pay for EVERY Employee’s Education if your job or promotion requires a certain degree Then you go to School and get it and PAY for it They paid for part of mine… Web Development You Should Really Take the RED Pill

  4. Imagine, thanks to your nation you live with a silver spoon up your ass your entire life.
    The nation provides you with wealth and privilege and gold plated toilet paper to wipe your
    Big Mac ass with. A nation that has allowed you to find ways to cheat and not pay your
    fair share, a nation you have leeched off, then you turn around and claim IT ISN’T GREAT.
    Now THAT’S gratitude for you.

  5. In the 8 years he was president Obama never had to hire any lawyers.
    And during his career in Washington never hired a porn star either.

  6. So, if the gods and religions of ancient civilizations like the
    Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians are simply “MYTHOLOGY”,
    why does that not apply to the gods and religions of modern
    civilizations? Is that too logical a question for you all?

  7. I guess I can see how folks that believe in creation myths would also believe in Trump.
    Because Trump acts very christlike…… doesn’t he.

  8. I loved watching Trump be forced to come on live TV and say the words he never would have said if it wasn’t for the capital riot. “To the demonstrators that infiltrated the Capital: you have defiled the seat of American Democracy. To those that engaged in acts of violence and destruction: you do not represent our country. And to those who broke the law: you will pay”. Obviously he lied again but what could he do? His own followers forced him to give that speech with his tail between his legs.
    MAGA…… ya I guess they made America great again.

  9. “When fascism comes to America,
    it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross”.

  10. Those that supported Hitler never thought they were fascists,
    they thought they were “supreme patriots”.
    Hitler blamed liberals, intellectuals, and minorities for Germant’s troubles.
    But American anti-fascists went to Europe and told him to shove it.
    Trump blames liberals, intellectuals, and minorities,
    and anti-fascist Americans here at home told him to shove it.
    Get over it folks, you are the minority and in a Democratic Republic the
    majority rule.

  11. Donald “Nicolas Maduro” Trump. El Presidente’ like a 3rd world despot refuses the results of a fair education and rabble rouses his minions to keep him in power.

  12. Trump is an authoritarian nationalist.
    So are the Ayatollah, Putin, Kim Jong Un, that’s right Trump is just like them.

  13. Shouldn’t the Trump’s be financially responsible for all the destruction they caused?
    After all, it may be the only way we can recover all the taxpayer money they stole.

  14. Trump was once Democrat, in an interview on CNN he actually said he thinks the economy generally does better under the Democrats. Trump loved the media and Hollywood while they were making him famous and wealthy. Then when he became president suddenly they are the “enemy of the people” and it’s all “fake news”. How come none of it was “fake” until he became president? How come he used the media to his advantage until it no longer was? Why did he change to Republicans? Because he realized he could manipulate the Right more than the Left to do his bidding. The Trumps are one of the most corrupt families in America, they have backroom dealings with some of the most corrupt “humans” on earth. They only care about themselves and what they can leech off this nation.

  15. In the Old Testament Jesus is quoted as saying “it is easier for the camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for the wealthy man to pass into the kingdom of god” So….. how can Trump and his crony Trumpanzees possibly be Christians? You folks are so ignorant and easily tricked into licking a morons behind. But that’s what folks like Trump are hoping, that you are so ignorant you will buy into their lies driven to advance their own agandas. Fools being used as tools, that;s what Trump followers are.

  16. The votes for stolen and my beloved President is cheated out of his rightful place in the White House!

    1. Absolutely no evidence the election was stolen, but if it makes your little snowflake brain feel much better keep believing things morons tell you and lead you around by your little nose. Being told what to believe is very un-American and can’t pass for patriotism in the least bit. Ever wonder where the words liberal and liberty come from? They come from the Latin “libor” which means FREE.

  17. We LOVE you President Donald J. Trump.
    We also love our fellow Americans, even those who have been lead astray.
    They have been misinformed for so long and many simply do not know what they are doing.
    As Christ said on the cross, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

    1. How can such an ignorant corrupt lowlife liar hypocrite feces for brains “human” like Trump be admired by so many clueless idiots. Ever wonder why the Republikkkans keep cutting finds for education?
      They know an ignorant populace is easier to rabble rouse than educated ones.

  18. President Trump is the best president in the history of the United States

    1. In a Democratic Republic the majority rule, and the majority spoke loud and proud at the voting booths.
      They voted against ignorance, corruption, and an authoritarian plutocracy. Do you folks even lnow what a plutocracy is?

  19. I am not an American but i admire you Mr President! I wish we had someone like you in Greece and not all these traitors we currently have! They are enemies of humanity and justice. I live for the day that we whole world will be free and all the traitors will be punished! We stand with you and we are many. For the love of God do not relent do not feed the world to the beasts. United we stand!

  20. This second sham impeachment will not have legs should the senate not take it up “along with other business matters” at the behest of Occupier and Cheat Media Select Joe “Blow” Biden. It’s dead in the water if the GOP would finally grow a spine and delay the process… now the fake media is pushing another SCAM-DEMIC strain allegedly from South Africa called the E484K COVID Mutation (or variant). Read up and study folks your Bible, because the little lamb representing the USA, in the Book of Revelation, has sprouted its horns! Watch and don’t grow weary.

    1. Doesn’t matter, he will go down in history as the worst president this nation has ever had no matter what a minority think and claim in their delusional tiny brains. And you folks keep beating the Bible, in the Old Testament JESUS is quoted as saying “it is easier for the camel to pass through the eye of the needle than for the wealthy man to pass into the kingdom of god”. SO, how can Trump possibly be a christian when he worships wealth more than anything else in life?

  21. Be still in faith, if have to be called upon , pray for the sleeping eye to
    victory to god, And Host called upon

  22. Trump looks more focused than ever in that speech. He is doing anything but giving up!
    The General Mclnerney group had one message yesterday…
    Stay calm…. Trump is waiting for the best timing to stop the evil…
    God speed Mr Trump! You will never be alone in the fight.

    1. How come the “stop the steal” group tried to steal the vote?
      Bunch of hypocrite cry baby snowflakes.


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