The Hypocrisy of it ALL: CNN Analyst HUMILIATED! SUSPENDED after EXPOSING Himself on ZOOM Call!!

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Powerful Support for Healthy Appetite, Energy Levels, & Mental Focus ✅ The Most Advanced MCT Powder Available Get 51% Off Here ———————————————————————— ★★★ A NEW CONSERVATIVE AGE IS RISING ★★★ The ultra-left CNN Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin gets utterly HUMILIATED after he’s caught EXPOSING Himself on a ZOOM Call! In this video, we’re going to take a look at the embarrassing fall of one of CNN’s most liberal commentators, how his suspension is actually revealing a vile hypocrisy on the part of CNN, and how that hypocrisy is only ultimately undoing and defeating the left itself; you’re not going to want to miss this! ———————————————————————— ✅ REGISTER TODAY for our ‘ON THE BRINK’ VIRTUAL CONFERENCE! Join me and special guests on SATURDAY OCTOBER 31st for a SPECIAL ONLINE CONFERENCE Just DAYS Before the ELECTION!… ———————————————————————— ❤ WELCOME, EVERYONE!!! ❤ It’s WONDERFUL to have you HERE! I post two videos a day analyzing current events in light of conservative trends so you can live in the present in light of even better things to come! ⚑ SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL ⚑… ———————————————————————— ✉ LET’S KEEP IN TOUCH! ✉ Make sure to sign-up for our ✉ TURLEY TALKS Email NEWSLETTER


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  1. Maybe Cnn can team up Toobin and little Brian to cover the Florida Billfish tourney this year….join us live staring Jeff Toobin and Brian Stelter…Two of the best Master Baiters on cable TV

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