List of arrest for human trafficking in the past few days – THE STORM IS UPON US

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Here is a list of arrest made for human trafficking. Royal Canadian Mounted Police say six people charged with human trafficking 80 workers from Mexico, also, the authorities are dismantling the ring of a large human trafficking network. i believe this human trafficking ring that the authorities are dismantling lead to the arrest and rescues in the following list..
Missouri truck stop human trafficking operation nets multiple arrests and rescues.
2 arrested in Madison Heights human trafficking ring busted, third suspect at large.
13 arrested in Santa Barbara County human trafficking sting More arrests made in connection with prostitution and human trafficking ring in Utah County.
New Oakland County human trafficking unit busts sex ring in Madison Heights. 6 victims, 2 children rescued in human trafficking operation in St. Joseph, Missouri. 8 people arrested for human trafficking, prostitution at Utah County massage parlors. California couple arrested in trafficking of 15-year-old girl.
Attorney suspended after he’s charged with human trafficking in Portsmouth, Ohio. Hove, 34, of Point, was indicted on one count of trafficking of persons for forced labor or servitude, with two additional indictments of sexual assault of a child in hunt county, Texas.
Human Trafficking Investigation Nets 145 Arrests in LA County. Human trafficking and prostitution ring busted lead to 22 arrest in Bergen County, New Jersey. More Than 60 Arrested In Operation Against Human Trafficking In Stanislaus County.



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  1. Anyone who played a part in the attempted theft of the USA need to know that their Money Men have all been EXICUTED and they are all next. America has swept through the 12 Controlling Families and now everyone who did help them will be hunted down like the Dogs they really aee. No one in Government has the ability to touch 1 single Cent no matter how hard they try. Everyone at the top is telling on everyone who helped this illegal Election happen, and they get a lighter Sentence while all the actual players are done for good. THIS COUNTRY HAS HAD ENOUGH AND EVERYTHING YOU SEE ON TV IS A COMPLETE ACT TO BE ABLE TO GET THE REAL CHEATS LIARS AND MONEY MEN. ALL I HAVE TO SAY TO THEM ALL IS; NESARA-GISARA. THE GREAT RESET IS GETTING DONE RIGHT NOW. NO MORE AMERICAN MONEY GOING IN ANYONE’S POCKETS EXCEPT FOR THE GOOD CITIZENS OF THIS USA. EVEN THE PRESS CAN COME OUT WITH THE TRUTH AND NO ONE CAN FIRE YOU. BE THE 1ST. YOU’LL BE FOREVER REMEMBERED


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