FEC Chair Calls Election Illegitimate Due To Fraud, MORE Evidence Of Widespread Irregularity Drops

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FEC Chair Calls Election Illegitimate Due To Fraud, MORE Evidence Of Widespread Irregularity Drops. Citing a lack of transparency the FEC official made the bold statements. But it is important to note that Trey Trainor, the official in question, is a Trump supporter and is the Chair of the FEC which does not deal with voter integrity. Regardless of his opinion however there is mounting evidence of widespread irregularity that needs to be investigated. Yet media is adamant the race is over and looking into the issues is wrong. They call Joe Biden President Elect even before we have certified the vote, while litigation is still underway, and the electoral college hasn’t even voted yet. Democrats should have no issue with an audit to prove that they won fairly and blocking the process only fuels Trump and Republican arguments that votes should not be certified. If this drags out too long then House Delegations will vote and Trump will win. #Democrats #Trump #Republicans SUPPORT
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  1. If we don’t get TERM LIMITS soon, the corrupt politicians will continue to get voted in through VOTER FRAUD. We the people want these corrupt politicians( all of them )out. This is a part time job NO RETIREMENT benefits and they all should be on social security and Obama care, the deep state has got to go.
    If ID does not work for honest voting lets try fingerprinting!! Every ballot should be fingerprinted in front of an election official

  2. Nancy’s arrows in her quiver. Joe told us that the dems had devised the most extensive voter fraud operation in history. Truth. Third-world country elections are more legal.

  3. It’s all illegitimate in states that used Dominion fraud machines, especially.
    Every federal election for President & VP should from now on be isolated & separate from the other candidates’ elections.
    We the people should have to go to a federal court house to cast those votes that are monitored by a jury of 12 & people from both parties’ affiliations.
    It could be as simple as a photo ID notarized form, with the Notaries on staff & present to prove the voters’ ID’s, & a simple red or blue dot put on form by the voters with a BINGO marker.

  4. I think all the states that had the fraud found, and that use the Dominion machines, should have people revote for president and vice president only and give them two weeks to do it. Whether they walk in an office and press a button for which candidate they want which is viewed only by two people from each party and documented, or whether it be written on pieces of paper, or whether they choose a blue circle or a red circle and drop them in a box for all to be counted.

  5. Yes. This election was so covered in fraud there is no way to even clean it up. The ballots brought in in the middle of the night. the corrupt machines that factored wrong for the support our President actually has, that had to be shut down and manual ballots processed fraudulently through the machine to catch up. and the idiocracy that Hiding Biden who is as corrupt as they come, could possibly have gotten more than 72 million votes. ..none of this makes any sense. RECOUNT LIGIMATE VOTES with our without the consent of the paid off Governors and elected officials in the states. SAd that money talks as loud as it does.

  6. I support a revote with ID required on paper ballots, no mail-in or absentee voting. Hold the election over a three day period. Time off work to vote is mandatory.


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