BLM Rioters Stage INSURRECTION, Insurrectionists STORM Capitol Over Republican Anti Riot Law

Video by Tim Pool                    Shared by… TheQAnons       America First  2022

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As a Parent of a Child that was brutally Raped while in a Institution, over a school Violation of having a pack of cigarettes on campus and the 20 yr. Nightmare that has followed as explained in my WHY   page and a 45 yr. Career history in The Manufacturing of Aerospace Weapon Systems and how propaganda machines grow their espionage and implant into systems.

I will release a Whitepaper… next week on the establishment of the NEW Charity “The Q Anon Society” and It’s Mission to provide support to Children and Parents that have been “Victims” of Violent Rape, Abuse, Trafficking and Drug abuse.

To Help those who can’t help themselves who face legal issue’s from LONG TERM affects of the Mental Damage, help with consoling the loss of those loved ones and more.

We will also use this Power to influence the Political change in OUR Government Candidates for Office. There will be more details later and in the “Whitepaper”

For MEMBERS… Disinformation is WHY everyone knows nothing. We all know the myth of Q and Anon and the difference between the 2. This website was created to bring the 2 MYTHS together and to create a new podium for those have been KICKED OFF YouTube.

However HOSTILE Personality’s have created the delusion of immense falsehoods about me and the purpose of this website. If anyone wishes to find info on me just google my name Daniel L Kilgore find me on LinkedIn Never been out of the USA 45 yrs. working advanced aircraft.

Donate NOW! to help with the cost of this new Venture



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