Trump’s Victory, LET FREEDOM RING !! John Voight; Angelina Jolie

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Actor Jon Voight and father of ANGELINA JOLIE, is a die hard loving fan of Trump, God and all things American !! These are his most recent remarks that have made Hollywood FURIOUS!! ONLY TRUMP CAN SAVE AMERICA… is he wrong?? Does the Democratic party seemingly have to represent ALL of America?? Data has proven that liberals are more often than not the “important” people in the world who are often called “the elites, which includes Hollywood actors, college students, the MSM, and Big Tech. These elites have proven study after study that they disproportionately have louder voices than the opposition, thereby covering up what the true center of Americans want and what their true values are. These same disproportionate liberal voices are now attempting to cover up the voices of those Americans that feel that the mail-in ballot-procedures are by definition problematic, liberals think the voter fraud should be brushed off, letting them steal the votes, thereby not giving America the free and fair election we have always had in the past. #JohnVoight #AngelinaJolie #Trump #MarkLevin

My President…

NOT My President…

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  1. Q
    John Voigt is an amazing man!!
    Like you, he has lost someone he loves but doesn’t cave in. It is making him stronger.

    Also, you will never understand this but I want to say that I have learned some great things from you! I have learned how to be patient and silent during adversarial times in my private family life. Keep smiling even when I feel like screaming. Press forward even when I feel like giving up. Don’t look back any more than I have to. Learn what I need to know and let go of what I don’t need to hang onto anymore. Life is just too short for the negatives. I try to see the positives and believe that that is starting to happen. At long, long last…

    I pray for everyone, not just for myself and my family. I pray for the world, not just this country. I pray for peace and purity in all things. And I pray specifically for you and president Trump also. You two have accomplished the most remarkable and astonishing things!!! Please keep going.
    And don’t think that we Republicans are giving up. We’re just preparing and gearing up.

    Thank you very much for all you are doing!!

    May God guide, guard, and protect you.
    And may God bless America.


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