QAnon Has Moved Off the Internet and Is Coming For Congress

Video by: vice News Shared by… TheQAnons     Quiet Americans Noting Our Nations Scandals

We made a big dent in 2020 let’s AIM for 2022   Run for OFFICE In Your LOCAL AREA…

Remember GET OUT and RUN for OFFICE, It’s not About Voting Anymore…

Do You Think Q Followers have the POWER to change the FACE of Politics in The U.S.A.

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They SEE US Coming and They are FREAKING OUT!

         START HERE…..Run for these Spots…


Soldier Tells Joe Biden He’s Disqualified Right to His Face

Got to Love it…. God Bless him the, Soldier




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  1. Vice is like the “pot calling the kettle black but not black enough”, LMAOF! The young man when questioned by the woman how Winfrey was a part of trafficking, he should’ve clapped back with a response about the South African School for Girls! Be prepared!

  2. One piece of evidence for the drinking of children’s blood as sacrifice can be found on YouTube. It was an interview with Turner radio in 1985 and a Rabbi Finkelstein goes in great detail about their evil acts, up to and including selling the meat of the children back to our markets and feeding it to Americans. He claimed that he could tell the entire world all of their secrets and people would just say they were too outlandish and not believe them. A lot of truth is told and people still don’t want to listen!

    1. I also personally know a woman who was sold into the sex trafficking ring as a young child. She was lucky enough to be rescued as an adult. She has shared her horrible story and has devoted her life to helping those who can be found and trying to rescue them.

      1. Thanks for speaking out!! Never stop..
        You have more support than you know….

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