President Donald Trump AWAKENS a New Patriot GOP at CPAC!!!

Video by: Dr. Steve Turley         Shared by… TheQAnons  America First, MAGA 2.0, WWG1WGA

Do You Think Q Followers have the POWER to change the FACE of Politics in The U.S.A.

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  1. Here’s what I would like to see: President Trump becoming Senator Trump in any state where RINOS like Cheney and Mittens Romney are Senators. Just to knock them off the grid. I believe he would be the first former President to become a Senator. And if he ran again in 2024, heh that would be so cool!

    1. That would be MAGA History! Add Laura Trump in there as well…one in the House, one in the Senate…it would be epic!!

      1. We need to also remember that Melania COULD become a congresswoman or senatress (lol) as well. They do not have to have been born American 😉

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