Merry Porkulus

Video by: The United Spot   Shared by… TheQAnons      this is How They Really Feel About YOU!

Can U say Trump Rally Piglosi’s house Christmas Eve… LOL

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This video is parody/satire and is in now way factual or true. This video is fake and was created only for comedy.


WE are Coming For YOU!

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  1. Yes she was. No mercy, JUSTICE.

    “I’m going to have my cake and eat it too tonight!” That is what Sherry Bowers (child trafficking former California attorney) in Reno, Nevada at 1001 University Ridge Drive said to me while I was held hostage and the night I was drugged and raped by her son John Bowers because she wanted to go to a church car show AND go fishing so that is how she got what she wanted. That is how sick these people are, they are not even human they never stop their evil addictions. The are factually insane.

  2. So It’s “Let Them Eat Cake” Sound familiar? Amid rumblings of discontent from their subjects, Louis XVI, 19, and his bride Marie Antoinette, 18, become the reigning monarchs of France. Anti-aristocracy passions, already simmering due to the country’s debt problems, will only increase as the populace leans towards revolution. Didn’t SHE end up being BURN on a STAKE?

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