Matt Gaetz: We have a right to ARMED REBELLION against the GOVERNMENT

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What do YOU think about the Jan. 6th Event, Was it a "STAGED EVENT" by the Left to FRAME Trump Supporter's?

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Talking about the second amendment during a rally, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz said that people have a right to an armed rebellion against the government.


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  1. Matt Gaetz is a true Patriot. We will all be wise to listen to what he is saying.

  2. Things are happening very rapidly now, yet still, people are going about their business without a clue. Our economy is artificially supported. Everything is going to crash, regardless of who takes control in the end. I urge my fellow Patriots, be ready. Prepare like you never have before. You are The Plan. Trust The Plan. Trust yourself. Stand strong in love of your Country. Nothing can stop what is coming.

    1. I agree, Monty. It is the age or ruin. The Devil has invaded the land with his evil emissaries. The proof is in the interstate highway system, a plot to ease the movement of government agents to infiltrate our communities. It’s time for the government to reveal the REAL truth about UFOs, the secret Nazi moon base, and the purpose of the Face on Mars (Is that where they’re hiding Elvis? They pretend it doesn’t exist but Q will reveal). Donald Trump is most certainly the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and he will replace the symbol of the Cross with the Ping G400 Max, the best golf driver overall thus moving the old religion into the modern age.

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