Joe Biden is America’s worst President already!

Video by: THE OFFICER TATUM Shared by: TheQAnons “Quiet Americans Noting Our Nation’s Scandals”

Not Anymore…

Remember “THEY” play the BLAME GAME While “THEY” are Doing It In Plain SITE!

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Joe Biden is America’s worst President already! TATUM REPORT NEWS TATUM REPORT DONATION LINK


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  1. We need to make sure that we are on the right path in our own lives. The best way to help this world is to make sure that we are shining lights. Get involved in your own neighborhoods. Talk to those around you. These crazy Dems are only crazy because they are hiding behind the curtain of social media. In person, they have no argument, and most will crumble and blow away when confronted face to face. We have something very valuable that they do not have but are longing for. We have Love.

  2. What can we do about this I’m tired of reading and talking

    1. Call this number 202-278-2000 and talk with like mined people that want to get out and do something

    2. Start by looking at who is running for office in your communities and either RUN against them or support those with the #WWG1WGA campaign… That’s the task

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