James O’Keefe Is Suing CNN, They’ve Made A Crucial Mistake And They Are ROYALLY Screwed

Video by Tim Pool                Shared by… TheQAnons     America First!

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Tim, Ian, and Lydia join retired Green Beret weapons specialist and author Jim Hanson to discuss James O’Keefe’s lawsuit against CNN.


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  1. I wish we could all get together for a Huge Class Action suit against Twitter for those of us who were Banned, Harassed, Blocked, locked out Smeared and Shadow-banned on Twitter, as well as Facebook and the rest of the Left’s Sites. They removed my Followers Thousands at a Time. Till I could not get above 5000, then even with just 5000, I was not able to view the Tweets they put out, Nor did they see my Tweets. I’m now on my second 30 Jail Term on Facebook for telling the Truth about my President. Donald J. Trump is right now my President and I do not recognize anything else coming from the Brown Zone. We DO NOT HAVE A WHITE HOUSE, WE HAVE A CRIME SCENE. They are doing shows from other Buildings made to appear like the White House, but it is not the actual site. EVERYTHING ABOUT THE LEFT IS A BOLD FACED LIE, AND I AM NOT GOING TO GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT. EXPOSING THE TRUTH FOR ALL MY AMERICAN BROTHER’S AND SISTER’S SO THEY CAN SEE WHAT IS REAL, AND WHAT IS NOT REAL. Now they try to tell us we are Racist. I am a Mother to a Malado Daughter and they seem to have forgotten that we stopped hating Colors long ago. I’m betting at least half the Families in America Today are mixed. IT’S STUPID TO EVEN SUGGEST THAT ANYONE THINKS THAT WAY TODAY. SO THE LEFT IS PROVING TO ALL OF US HOW DESPERATE THEY TRULY ARE. RUN LEFT RUN, WE WILL FIND YOU AND HAND DELIVER ALL OF YOU TO GITMO TO STAND TRIAL FOR TREASON, AND AIR IT ALL LIVE FOR EVERYONE TO SEE WHAT WE THE PEOPLE DO TO TRAITORS IN THIS COUNTRY. 1 MORE THING….NEVER NEVER EVER MESS WITH OUR HAND PICKED PRESIDENT. The Heat is on and we are on our Way to every one of your Front Doors. Press Included.

  2. Keep suing them for all the crimes that they do. They are not winning, despite what they may believe. Stand strong and never back down. In the meantime, we need to make sure we are watching the sugar daddies and expose their crimes also. Stop the garbage. God Wins! WWG1WGA


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