Gilbert Shelton and the Underground Comix : EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW (Sous-titres français)

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(texte français ci-dessous) Gilbert Shelton, historical figure of the American Underground Comix: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Discover Gilbert Shelton, the author of the FABULOUS FREAK BROTHERS and FAT FREDDY’S CAT like you’ve never seen before. He talks about his beginnings in Austin and then in San Francisco, about the Hippie scene, his friends Robert Crumb, Victor Moscoso, Vaughn Bodé, Art Spiegelman…, his relationship with rock legend Janis Joplin, his arrival in Europe in Barcelona and Paris where he has settled since the 1980s… And then all his creations, from the first comix to his current collaboration with the French artist Pic. An exceptional document by Léo Jacquet, Didier Pasamonik, Thomas Figueres and Manon Dias Santos.



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