Ghislaine Maxwell Denied Bail, Congress Veto Override, Court Overrules Cuomo on Religious Lockdowns

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Congress continues to duke it out over spending bills and COVID-19 relief. Ghislaine Maxwell tries very hard to get out of custody and is denied. Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York loses lawsuit, holding that his executive orders targeting religious communities are unconstitutional, and more! Join criminal defense lawyer Robert F. Gruler to discuss the latest criminal, election and legal news, including: • Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s accused accomplice, attempts to get out of custody pending her prosecution, but is denied • Review of Maxwell’s argument from her defense team and the Government’s response • U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan issues a two-page ruling explaining her rationale and citing Maxwell’s high flight risk • Congress tacks action (or inaction) on the COVID-19 relief bill and chambers disagree about $2,000 payments to Americans – we discuss the latest • Trump’s Veto of the Defense spending bill is overruled in the House, but what happens now in the Senate? • Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York loses religious discrimination case after the Second Circuit Federal Court issues new ruling • Review of the different levels of constitutional scrutiny as applied to governmental actions impeding rights and freedoms • Breakdown of the 32-page holding in Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn v. Cuomo finding New York COVID-19 regulations unconstitutional (same case as Agudath Israel of America v. Cuomo) • BAD POPO: Phoenix police officer Steven Poulos threatens to shoot Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego over #defundthepolice, is placed on administrative leave • Your questions and live chat after the presentation!

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