Ep. 1462 Is This The First Black Ops Presidential Campaign in History? – The Dan Bongino Show®

Video by: The Dan Bongino Show®  Shared by….TheQAnons    WWG1WGA  MAGA 2.0

Do YOU believe the DEMOCRAT Party has Gone completely MADD!

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  1. Love Dan Bongino. Keep post great videos like this. Consider posting Black Conservative Patriot. I just noticed that he has been banned from Youtube. He is a great man who has helped bring many black people over to the side of Right. He was banned for exposing the hate of the Left.

    1. BCP doesn’t like me posting his stuff… He takes Down everything I post of his. We’ve had words about it So I don’t post him anymore..To bad

      1. Wow, that’s unfortunate. Seems like some people have been disheveled by the negative campaign the Fake News Media has launched on Qanons. They’re timid and don’t want the stigma of a name attached to them. My take on it is that regardless of who Q really is, he caused a phenomenal number of people to start doing their own research and quit accepting what the mainstream news spits out at them. Besides, they’re coming after Patriots anyway. If one name doesn’t stick, another will. Personally, I will stand for the Right, and listen to anybody who speaks truth, such a rare quality, it seems, these days.

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