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Nancy Piglosi, Dems and BULLS78T Media have Gone MADD!

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As the Admin of TheQAnons website, I Like Elon Musk. I started my Aerospace Career in the Very Same buildings SpaceX is, In Hawthorne Ca. used to be Northrop Aircraft Co. I started there 48 yrs ago at 17 as an Overhaul and Repair mech. on T-38 wings. The beginning of my Monster Career in Aerospace. I been wanting to Talk to him about launching a series of 3D printing Satellites around the Moon for building Large Space craft structures to assemble larger than “TUBE” craft designs. Maybe someday.

We can Talk.

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  1. Was Elon Musk the one who helped the Military get their EMP secretly launched on his Space X missions ?

    1. That’s a good Q, Check the Launch Rocket of your subject if it was a Falcon maybe, but Lockheed usually does those TYPE of launches and they will use NASA’s roctkets, They have some new Launch V. in Work But Elon is Snuffing them out, Especially with the RE TURN to Launch PAD LANDINGS… Falcon’s Heavy lifts have 29 engines compared to 3. The Original name was and I quote “BIG FUCKING ROCKET” and is in production of 10,000 of the engines for the launches of his MARS Space Ships..

    1. I was born in Covington Ky . Moved to Dayton Ohio as a young child. We moved to Eastern Kentucky and I grew up there and moved to Cincinnati Ohio when I was 16 and am still around here.


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