Black People Fed Up w/ Biden’s 1st 100 Days (…comedian K-von told you)

Video by: KvonComedy        Shared by …. TheQAnons    AMERICA FIRST! 2022 WWG1WGA

After almost 100 days of BIDEN/Harris, How many Pissed Off American's are there Now.

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Feel his pain: “Where are all the Biden supporters?” Here’s someone mainstream mis-ledia will never allow on TV. Only took 100 days to bring real crisis to the world, but hey- no tweets! Do you agree LEFTISM is a mental illness? Tour Dates + Bookings: Join K-von’s Podcast = “The Right Show” on This video was sent to me unmarked, but through research I found the1st Black Gentleman is the very brave & Patriotic Semore Views = Give him a follow:… The 2nd Person was on TikTok: @Rein_Verse

Bring “HIM” BACK! President Donald J Trump!




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