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  1. The Truth is, we the People do not recognize any of the so called elected Pepole as our Government. As far as this USA is Concerned, not 1 of the demorats were elected and Donald J Trump is our President ONLY. NONE OF THEM ARE OUR GOVERNMENT. WE THE PEOPLE RUN THIS COUNTRY AND WE WILL WALK INTO OUR HOUSES AND REMOVE THEM ALL PHYSICALLY. THERE IS NO PLACE FOR ANY TO HIDE NOW. WE KNOW WHERE THEY ARE ALL HIDING. NONE ARE IN THAT DIRTY WHITE HOUSE IN DC. NOT OUR WHITEHOUSE.

    1. Biden is never in the White House either. He is on set in Delaware. Look at several photos of him sitting at the presidential desk. Behind him is a window. Not very likely you see cars moving left and right just outside, or just a tree covering the whole window. Did you notice the Trump gold curtains are still up?

  2. It warms my heart to see all of the Patriots working to keep our freedom. We owe them and we owe them big. When the time comes I will stand behind any of them to fight and give my life to defend and protect theirs.