At least 289,866 ballots illegal? Expert breaks down alleged voter fraud | Arizona Hearing | NTD

Video by: NTD           Shared by…. TheQAnons  Quiet Americans Noting Our Nation’s Scandals

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Former Michigan State Senator Patrick Colbeck who is a certified Microsoft small business specialist and did cabling design for the International Space Station gives an analytical breakdown of alleged election fraud. Colbeck volunteered as a poll challenger in Detroit and was present at the Detroit Absent Voter (AV) Counting Board on the night of the election. #ArizonaHearing #Election2020 #VoterFraud ——————— 💎Subscribe to NTD:



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  1. Since Dominion is here in Canada as well, I did not believe that PM Trudeau could have won his first election in such a landslide like he did. To me the was something fishy going on. I told my husband that Canada would never be the same. Then he wins a second term with a minority government and has the chinese military doing exercises with our own Canadian troops!!!! He is a bought and paid for Soros and Clinton puppet thinks he can force vaccinate our whole country. We need someone like Trump to take over who isn’t a bought and paid for criminal. Maybe send the UD military up here to surround our Parliament and arrest Trudeau.

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